Your Corona-virus Song of the Day.  Twenty.

Your Corona- infection Song of theDay Twenty.

Saw a great deal of tweets today referencing the writer’s (tweeter’s?) Spotify “Wrapped” options. For the unenlightened, Wrapped is a function of Spotify that information the customer’s paying attention behaviors over the previous year. And if you have actually found out more than a number of my blog posts, you will not be stunned to locate that my most-listened-to musician in 2020 was R.E.M. In reality, I have a whole message devoted to explaining R.E.M. as my convenience songs.

But this message is not regarding allowing you recognize what I paid attention to all year. This message has to do with assisting you deal– via songs– with the the tension of 2020. High on my 2020 play-count checklist is simply such a track. From the R.E.M. cd Life’s Rich Pageant— and also just how’s this for proper– “These Days”.

It’s a great track for raising the spirits: busy and also energetic, with verses that vary from the absurd:

March right into the sea, march right into the sea, had a hat
I place it down and also it sunk, got to down
Yanked it up, put it on my head

to the creative:

We have numerous points alike, name 3

An excellent track makes the audience really feel something. In the situation of “These Days”, what the audience really feels is invigorated. Lyrics? Who cares– allow’s simply dance to it.

A terrific track has something added– a near-subliminal, listen-closely-or-you’ll- miss-it part: a well-crafted counter-melody, a poetic line, or a significant expression that captures the ear and also embeds the mind. What makes “These Days” wonderful, in my estimate, are 2 easy lines.


We are young in spite of the years

And though this line comes to be extra significant the older I obtain, it is the 2nd line that obtains our focus and also resets our willpower for this problem of a year.

We are hope in spite of the moments

In similarly we must, as the years pass, battle to preserve a young, fresh expectation, we have to likewise battle to preserve hope when the trip is more challenging than ever before, the expectation is dark, and also the roadway appears countless.

I am young in spite of the years.

I am worry.

I am hope in spite of the moments.


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