‘Wish you and your family peace, joy, health and happiness’: Biden l ABC News



President Joe Biden delivered a Christmas address Thursday from the White House, highlighting the resiliency of the American people and reflecting on the holiday as a season of renewed hope. #ABCNews #JoeBiden #Biden #WhiteHouse #Christmas #holidays #resiliency #hope #2023

14 thoughts on “‘Wish you and your family peace, joy, health and happiness’: Biden l ABC News”

  1. While you tax payers all suffer from higher taxes and higher inflation , declining living situation as millions of illegal aliens flood the country , may I wish you and the entire nation , thank you for working so hard and paying your taxes as well as sacrificing your children to Satan and the Mexican Drug Cartels and the Democrat War in the Ukraine. !

  2. The Democratic party has the worst hate military armies of racism and anti-semitism against the Asian race the Jewish race the Aztec and the Maya race the racist armies of hate and intolerance of the Democratic party is black lives matter the Nation of Islam Muslims with millions and millions and millions of members and millions and millions of followers and billions and billions of dollars the Democratic party Black African-American the anti-semitic racist faces Whoopi Goldberg Ice T Nick Cannon lihan Omar Rashad Tlaid Alexander Cortez kurie Irving Nancy pelosi and the thousands and thousands of black African-American anti-semitic races Democrats in the Hollywood movie industry Network television CNN MSNBC The view ABC music industry and sports Mets and the thousands and thousands of empty-semitic racist black African-American armies of hate in the colleges the universities high schools and the streets of America Democrats

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