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Girl Scou

t Samantha Smith made nationwide headings in November 1982, yet except offering cookies.

That month was among the most affordable factors in Cold War background. Leonid Brezhnev, that had actually led the Soviet Union because 1964, passed away on November 10. US-USSR arrangements regarding nuclear tools had actually delayed, partially as a result of Brezhnev’s physical and also psychological decrease.

Time Cover November 22 1982

The USSR political system did not have a line of sequence, and also viewers were unclear that would certainly lead the USSR currently. Would he alleviate or irritate the Cold War? After 2 days, previous KGB principal Yuri Andropov arised triumphant. A previous spymaster appeared not likely to seek tranquility.

(End of the Soviet management lesson.)

In Maine, a fifth-grader called Samantha Smith saw paper and also publication headings regarding Andropov and also the arms race. Samantha, a Junior Girl Scout, chose to do something about it. She created a letter to the brand-new Soviet leader.

Dear Mr Andropov,

My name isSamantha Smith I am ten years old. Congratulations on your brand-new work. I have actually been stressing over Russia and also the United States entering a nuclear battle. Are you mosting likely to elect to have a battle or otherwise? If you aren’t please inform me exactly how you are mosting likely to aid to not have a battle. This inquiry you do not need to address, yet I would certainly like it if you would certainly. Why do you wish to overcome the globe or a minimum of our nation? God made the globe for us to share and also care for. Not to eliminate over or have one team of individuals possess everything. Please allows do what he desired and also have everyone more than happy as well.

Samantha Smith

The letter did show up inMoscow The leading Soviet paper, Pravda, released it, as component of a write-up on worried people.

After 5 numerous months without a straight solution, Samantha contacted the USSR Ambassador to theUnited States Had Andropov obtained her letter?

A reply from the Kremlin gotten here in April 1983.

Samantha Smith, Girl Scout History Project
Samantha with letter from Andropov

Andropov’s Reply

He comforted Samantha that his nation did not desire battle.

Yes, Samantha, we in the Soviet Union are attempting to do every little thing to ensure that there will certainly not be battle onEarth This is what every Soviet guy desires. This is what the terrific owner of our state, Vladimir Lenin, instructed us. …

We desire tranquility– there is something that we are inhabited with: expanding wheat, structure and also designing, creating publications and also flying right into room. We desire tranquility for ourselves and also for all individuals of the world. For our kids and also for you, Samantha.

Andropov welcomed Samantha to see the USSR.

You will certainly learn about our nation, meet your contemporaries … and also see on your own: in the Soviet Union, every person is for tranquility and also relationship amongst individuals.

Samantha and also her moms and dads invested 2 weeks there in July 1983. They checked out Lenin’s burial place, enjoyed the Bolshoi Ballet, and also she invested 3 days at Artek, a summertime camp for kids of her very own age.

Two Weeks in the USSR

She did not, nonetheless, satisfyAndropov Scholars currently recognize that Andropov invested the majority of his 15-month term undertaking dialysis, gradually catching kidney failing.

Samantha promptly came to be a media beloved in both nations, although skeptics stated she was being utilized as a a publicity device.

After her journey, Samantha was talked to by press reporters, public teams, also talk-show hostJohnny Carson Her grace prior to an electronic camera led her to be cast as Robert Wagner’s child in “Lime Street,” a brand-new United States tv collection recording in London.

Tragedy and also Legacy

Her dad accompanied her on journeys to London for the program. They got on their means residence when their aircraft collapsed in August 1985. There were no survivors. Samantha was 13.

Jane Smith developed the Samantha Smith Foundation to proceed her child’s initiatives to advertise relationship in between young people in the United States and alsoSoviet Union The structure expanded mainly inactive after the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Samantha Smith, Girl Scout History Project
Samantha Smith Stamp

Jane was likewise the keynote audio speaker for Kennebec Girl Scout Council’s event of the 75th birthday celebration ofGirl Scouts After her discussion, Jane revealed a brand-new USSR shipping stamp produced in her child’s honor.

While Samantha’s tale has actually discolored in the United States, she stays extremely preferred inRussia

By the late 1980s, each youngster maturing in the Soviet Union would certainly recognize her name and also her lovely smile. Indeed, to today, Samantha Smith stays a name that is commonly acknowledged by common Russians birthed throughout the Soviet duration and also has actually not left the world of national politics.

Matthias Neumann, “Children Diplomacy During the Late Cold War.”

The Artek camp stays in operation, with a monolith and also a yearly Samantha Smith session.

Camp images from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and also Soviet Art/ USSR Culture

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