Tim Spector’s journey from health crisis to healthy eating – a chapter from Food for Life



What should I have for dinner? A question you no doubt ask yourself daily. But I bet you don’t spend too long coming up with an answer. ZOE’s scientific co-founder, Tim Spector, has been trying to answer this question for a decade. If you’re a regular listener, you probably know him well. Five years ago, he published the best-selling book, The Diet Myth, and just last month, he released the follow-up, Food for Life, the New Science of Eating Well. In this episode, you’ll hear a chapter from the book titled “So Now What Should I Have for Dinner?” Tim Spector is a co-founder of ZOE and one of the world’s top 100 most-cited scientists. If you want to uncover the right foods for your body, head to joinZOE.com/podcast and get 10% off your personalized nutrition program. Timecodes: 00:00 – Intro 01:44 – Chapter 11. So now what should I have for dinner? 14:00 – Personalizing my diet 26:15 – Five final tips 27:00 – Outro Get Tim’s book here: https://amzn.to/3ySEIvG Follow Tim on Instagram: www.instagram.com/tim.spector

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  1. When is the Zoe program likely to be available in Australia/New Zealand if ever? You are so extremely slow in rolling it out everywhere, no point publicising it if the waiting list is tens of thousands long (as noted in your website) and you are so very slow to making it become available outside the UK. I have used US based genetic health programs with no issues, and they have prompt return with reports. Not at all inspiring, you need to lift your game to be a prominent player in this field.

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