Tight Hamstrings – Why Static Stretching Doesn’t Work (as well as What Does)



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14 thoughts on “Tight Hamstrings – Why Static Stretching Doesn’t Work (as well as What Does)”

  1. OK, when I try the leg lifts (hip flexor exercise) my quads almost immediately want to explode. The work does not feel like it is in the hip flexors.

    I recall you don’t care for the quad dominance concept. But that’s how my body feels. When I do any heavy lifting I squat to make sure I lift with my legs and not my back. But the next day the quads hurt, not the hamstrings. Any suggestions?

  2. I think you’re making this too complex. I just focus on hinging at the hips and engaging the entire rear-chain as I lower. It takes a while to fold completely, so it takes patience. At first, focusing on the hip-hinge, I feel my lower back realeasing tensions, then upper butt, then lower butt, as I lower…
    But I STILL focus o the hip hinge and relax into the stretch.
    After about twenty seconds, those are loose and my hamstrings begin loosening.
    But I STILL focus on the hip-hinge and relax intothe stretch.
    Before I know it, my nose is to my knees, my palms on the floor, and the stretch hits my calf muscles and hammies. About twenty seconds later, my entire rear-chain from calf to lower back is loose, and the stored tension gone.
    And yet, whenever I do a proprioceptive check, I always think “hip hinge” instead of “stretch those hammies.”

    I’m not certain where I learned this (probably from a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Thousand Oaks, CA), but it’s stayed with me ever since. And because the advice is so easy, it just… works.

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