the truth about my mental health & being an influencer


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20 thoughts on “the truth about my mental health & being an influencer”

  1. I actually cannot link the Women’s Health story because you need a membership, but it’s titled “The Influencers are not Alright.” This business is still fairly new and I think we will learn so much years from now. I’m honored to be part of this inception starting late in 2018, but man I will never get used to being videotaped in public and followed around! As mentioned, the excitement of studying has already helped me balance out the deep fry of my brain. I hope to continue this good mental health streak and never caving into the NYC it-girl lifestyle again. The more I get to know myself the more I despise this industry but want to help make a change.

  2. I m mentioned this to you in an earlier post and I’m sure you didn’t have time to read it and perhaps won’t have time to read this, but the fact is, as I’m sure you are now aware, there is a price you pay for what you do regardless of its economic return. The problem many of us have is counting that cost and being willing to pay it. Unfortunately I’m in a similar context (Albeit far from the financial rewards you receive) but for me it is a “Calling” indeed a high calling and the price that I pay for that causes me to question it every day and believe me, I’ve wanted to walk away so many times, but I am so committed to what I do and the opportunity to touch and change lives is something that, for me, is well worth the cost! Kelly, going back to school was the best decision you could have made, not simply for enlightenment, but for the intellectual freedom and new world it will open for you. I pray your success, I pray your peace, and I pray you always remain grounded and focused. P.S., please be careful, I don’t care who you are, people are simply unstable these days!

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