The existing healthcare system is a CATASTROPHE.

Given the specifications of what we recognize as standard, detailed healthcare today, in my solid viewpoint, we are investing sufficient cash to assure top quality healthcare to every one of our individuals.

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15 thoughts on “The existing healthcare system is a CATASTROPHE.”

  1. It’s a disaster from the standpoint of what is possible. The difference between what is possible and what we get is huge. And, it would be soooo easy to make our system better. Make it public and available to al. Have 1 insurer, the government, not 5000. 1 insurer with one schedule of payments and one menu of coverage. Health care costs immediately will be cut by half or more. There are lots of valuable things for people in insurance and health care administration to do. Plus, we can double the number of doctors and other healthcare professions. Make the Med schools bigger.

  2. Time to get over this lottery mentality, HEALTH CARE in America has been CAPITALIZED to a point of Dysfunction. Time for a National plan like Massachusetts and Hawaii have had the wisdom to establish for their residents. Remove the Lobbyists and influence peddlers of this corrupt GOVERNMENT before we have no power over the crooks who brought you the Swamp and keep it a Swamp to benefit the 1% and themselves.

  3. Not this fraud.
    He is best at waving his hands and running his mouth.
    He had his chance make real impact by running as an Independent.
    He is loyal to the Democrats.
    Democrats are loyal to Corporations.
    As Chris Hedges says he is morally unfit for what has to be done.
    What would an actual Socialist do?
    Not what Sanders does and sells out to the Corporate Owned Democratic party. To the Military Industrial Complex.
    Vote for an extension of NATO.
    He conned me out of $1,400 !
    I threw my Sanders T shirts in the dumpster.

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