The best of the Fundamental Health podcast, 2022 year in review


In today’s episode, Paul summarizes his favorite episodes from 2022. He gives a high level summary of the topics, as well as provides episode titles and numbers for you to hear more if you so wish. 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:02:25 Episode 148: The Blue Zones are BS 00:10:45 Episode 187: Meats vs. plants for longevity 00:13:16 Episode 153: Is fruit good or bad for humans? 00:14:16 The benefits of fruit and honey (Episode 189 with Ken Berry, Episode 173 with Thomas DeLauer, Episode 172: The dangers of a ketogenic diet) 00:20:11 Episode 159: What is an animal-based diet? 00:24:00 Episode 155: How to maximize testosterone 00:26:41 Episode 171: July bloodwork, Episode 179: August bloodwork, Episode 193: December bloodwork 00:33:09 Episode 156: Paul’s perspective on mental health 00:38:12 Episode 178: LDL Cholesterol, Episode 190: Interview with Cardiologist Mike Twyman 00:40:00 Episode 183: Pharma corruption with John Abramson 00:42:16 Episode 170: How to fix your gut 00:44:36 Episode 194 Interview with Gerogi Dinkov on the harm of corn starch, corn syrup and seed oils 00:50:16 Episode 192: What Paul eats in a day via Cronometer 00:51:31 Episode 180: How to lose weight 00:53:21 Episode 194: Interview with Gerogi Dinkov about Ray Peat diet Sponsors: Heart & Soil: Carnivore MD Merch: Make a donation to the Animal Based Nutritional Research Foundation: Animal-based 30 Challenge:

16 thoughts on “The best of the Fundamental Health podcast, 2022 year in review”

  1. I love Heart and Soil. I do believe in ancestral eating, nose to tail. Though when I travel, like now, Heart and Soil supplements are my go to. As of today Dec 27, 2022 I’m high fat 95% carnivore with some occasional fruit, no dairy though I love it. My deceased husband, PhD Biology, UK, used to tell me , “…plants don’t want you to eat them. If you eat plant products eat the flesh of fruits and not the seeds”. He talked a lot about the historical genetics of modern fruits. In regards to future subjects I am intested in what message fruit gives the body. All of life is cyclical. Like in physical development it’s very important to switch up the physical routines. My goal is to be able to be RESILIENT metabolically. I should be able to handle periods of time where food is more scarce vs when fruit, fatty animals are more prevalent. My body should be able to handle being temporarily sedentary and then be able to hike 20 miles. Perhaos the lack of resiliency, to me, is an indicator to me that the metabolic functions are not at maximum efficiency? When I was very young I raised mice and rabbits and was constantly testing them. I was also constantly testing myself for endurence and resiliency. I still believe the same and on Dec 28, 2022 I will be 65. I have recently been through extremely harsh physical and emotional situations, this has caused inflammation that now prevents me from being resilient i.e. from consuming raw dairy without an extreme inflammatory reaction. Hence I am intrigued by your willingness to test out new ideas. I dont think the tests currently used are giving us all the information we need to truely understand complex physiology. I’m am concerned some doctors really believe the tests are the end alls. I personally can show a good result on certian tests and I KNOW I am not in shape and alls it would take to cause gross measurable inflammation is drinking 32 oz of raw dairy or a papaya.

  2. Timestamp-33:10 mental health, 99% can be helped by diet alone?? Really… well, I’ve been following Dr. Palmer and have been to McLean for a nice stay. Having treatment resistant major depression, I’ve been radically firm with my ketogenic foods these past 5mos. AS YOU SAY… no seed oils, no fish, low chicken, low pork if any, no alcohol, 5% pre-pkgd foods, which means 95% of my food has been hand made by me. I want this “gone” and have stuck with it. The fact YOU THINK, 99% can be “CURED” by food alone is insulting. Its not that easy sir. If you think it actually is, you contact ME & guide me. Cuz, I gotta keep my ketones between 1.5mmol- 4mmol to be drug free for the rest of my life.
    So please don’t be so, flippant, when speaking about something, you do not have, nor something you do not currently treat. Have a blessed day.

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