The 5 best Exercises for LONGEVITY (And Overall Health!)


The 5 best Exercises for LONGEVITY (And Overall Health!) Exercises for longevity are super important. If we want to live longer, we need to be strong, mobile and able to react quickly. That means including not only the 5 strength moves I’ll share but also explosive exercises. They help improve your functional full body strength and coordination. And the 5th move in this video will help you strengthen these key muscles to improve this commonly ignored “secret” to living longer! For more tips to use these moves, check out the links below. More on Step Downs: Deadlift tips: And don’t forget to check out my Flexibility Secrets To Make You Feel Younger next:

15 thoughts on “The 5 best Exercises for LONGEVITY (And Overall Health!)”

  1. I’m 65yo, 5’11, 310 pounds and starting to feel fearful of falling. I tripped at my office desk last year: my hand hit the desk and my head hit my hand, somewhat ‘softening’ the damage, I suppose, but still had a black eye for two weeks. I’m now uber-conscious of mindful walking, which seems to have resulted in walking more slowly (so much for cardio!) and more hunched over — I can feel myself aging! Your video spoke to me, as we approach the new year, thinking of the possibility of improvement by this time next year.

  2. Grip Strength FTW! I finally got into consistent workouts including weight training 10 years and 125# ago. Now At 67 I hex-carry 135# (my current weight) several times a week as well as 50# single farmer carry and DL180 (so far). All the things you showed today are included in my pre-workout warmup and it is worth it to take the time to do each movement do correctly as you always emphasize. Explosive moves are still my weak point so I work on that a lot – I want to be stronger and better every year instead of fading as so many of my friends seem to be accepting.

    Today you showed me a new idea for the agility ladder; I’ll have to slow it down and make sure I get it right – but looks like a fun one to add.

    Thanks for always great content!

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