Sunak at PMQs: “I have actually utilized exclusive health care”


Rishi Sunak as well as Keir Starmer clash over the NHS throughout the initial Prime Minister’s Questions of 2023. Read the most effective of our journalism: Subscribe to The Times as well as The Sunday Times YouTube network: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Instagram:


13 thoughts on “Sunak at PMQs: “I have actually utilized exclusive health care””

  1. Why shouldn’t Rishi have private health care if he wants it? Its a free country and if he can afford it why not? After all it will take pressure off the NHS. Many successful companies pay for private health care to protect their interests in case key personnel are ill. I would have thought we would all consider the Prime Minister’s job to be key and praise Rishi if he decides to pay for his own care to get back to 100% health quicker if he is ill.

  2. Clearly the NHS will never be safe in Tory hands. If Brits who have had to take their pets to the vets thought about how costly that is, then perhaps they’d realise how expensive private health insurance is going to be when the NHS has been destroyed by these wreckers, and maybe then they would think twice before ever voting for them again. But no doubt they will be conned into thinking all the problems are due to Jeremy Corbyn as usual.

  3. Does he still think most of us are dense enough to not realise he uses private healthcare seeing as he’ll get discounted by those companies when he relegates the NHS into privatised care, duh, silly us, guess we must be, NOT!!!!!!!🤔🤨😏😉
    In fact, why don’t force earners over a specific amount to go private and free up the NHS to those below but take a percentage of the money accrued on private care and enhance the NHS!!!!!

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