Steve Harvey On What Inspired His Health Journey|The View

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The television host as well as comic shares his individual trip that’s offered him a healthy and balanced expectation for 2023 as well as informs “The View” co-hosts why he claims there are benefits to obtaining his luck after 40. Subscribe to our YouTube network: EVEN MORE FROM ‘THE SIGHT’:. Full episodes: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


17 thoughts on “Steve Harvey On What Inspired His Health Journey|The View”

  1. “To wake up and not have to be conscious that you’re black” well that’s fresh coming from a guy that bashes on the idea of Safe Spaces and woke culture every chance he gets. He literally just described Africa as a safe space for black Americans. I don’t disagree with him, though I would add that North African isn’t black, nor is Egypt so I would have been a little more specific about a country or a list of countries.

  2. “To wake up and not be a minority” I hope Steve isn’t just discussing black folks here and that his growth and understanding extends to Asian American, Latino Americans, Queer Americans. We all live in a country that elevates the white heterosexual male and female above what is statistically accurate demographically. I hope those reading this understand his epiphany extends to many of us and perhaps if you are a white heterosexual american, you can practice empathy when use various forms of minority groups are asking for space, a breath of fresh air from a sea of white straight christian hegemony.

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