Smoking and mental health


Our new animated video describes how smoking can harm your mental health through the tobacco withdrawal cycle, and how quitting smoking can offer mental health benefits. This video is based on work conducted by Dr Gemma Taylor at the University of Bath (…), and is part of the ESCAPE trial ( For more information contact Gemma at [email protected], or follow on twitter @GemmaMJTaylor. Email: [email protected] Twitter: Facebook:… ——————————————————– Animation by Paupanimation. Find Pau on Twitter (@paupanimation) or at on Facebook at

21 thoughts on “Smoking and mental health”

  1. Smoking cures my depression, i was suicidal and severely depressed and i decided to just buy my first pack, never smoked before that so that debunks withdrawal/addiction. Yes it was disgusting, and i fell like puking after first 2 but 30 min later my depression was gone and i was happy and had will to live. SInce then I smoke 2-4 ciggs a day. Im happy now and no longer suicidal, tobbaco is a cure.

  2. You dont need NRT… if you have an addiction to nicotine. Quit, read allen carr easyway to quit smoking. Quit for good. You wont be giving anything up other than a disgusting addiction to nicotine. Day 19 nicotine and smoke free…. I smoked 30 a day, 38 years. Funny how nhs never promotes allen carr.. when clearly it works its like they want to keep people addicted to nicotine.

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