Scottish NHS To Collapse As SNP Cause Mental Health Crisis


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16 thoughts on “Scottish NHS To Collapse As SNP Cause Mental Health Crisis”

  1. It’s all right closing down mental health services, then teaching kids to lop their bits off and pretend to be something they’re not, because that’s the time you’re going to be having to expand it exponentially from what you’re doing to them now in the classrooms, there’s simply going to be NO MH services open to them when they most need it. When you’ve fucked up your own nation’s future.

  2. If they did a full, criminal investigation into the snp, they’d get done for embezzlement and fraud. I waited nearly 3 years to get mental health help, 6 years ago! Met a woman who does school runs, told me about a 12 year old girl who was being bullied for not saying she was non binary. They’re disgusting and sick in the head, Nicler and her cabal need to go

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