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Racing Cars as well asRiding Bikes My tale.

Guest Blog Post by Alejandro Fernandez, Colombian race automobile chauffeur, Fuji Athlete, as well as Performance funded bicyclist.

Hello every person,

First, thanks for making your means to my initial blog site entrance. I wish you appreciate it as well as ideally, make a link with what I am composing.

About me

My name is Alejandro Fernandez, or as most individuals call me:Alejo I am a 22-year-old Colombian race automobile chauffeur. I’m presently completing in theRed Bull Global Rallycross For those of you that are not acquainted with that kind of auto racing, it is action-packed, door-to-door auto racing on both tarmac as well as crushed rock. And there’s a dive!

To find out a little a lot more concerning Red Bull Global Rallycross, enjoy this video clip:

As of 2017, I began biking, as well as around August of in 2014, ended up being aFuji Bikes Sponsored Athlete I got an amazing brand-new SL 1.3 Disc Road Bike from Fuji, as well as with aid from Performance Bicycle, obtained the bike fitted, tuned up, as well as furnished with all the equipment I required for this brand-new endeavor.

Why I like biking

Cycling is outstanding. It advises me a great deal of competing autos. When you’re out riding your bike, be it when driving, in the hills, or perhaps travelling to your work, it really feels as if you have a specific kind of liberty. That childish sensation of having the ability to navigate in any kind of style you such as. It is extremely addictive! When you seem like dashing on a sector or releasing a strike on your pal, you simply do it. There is no right or upside-down, in a feeling. The simpleness to that is what makes it so enjoyable, satisfying, as well as risk I state: masochistic. Everyone I have actually talked with concerning this would certainly concur with me on the last one for certain.

So why do we do it? Some individuals have actually informed me they such as the discomfort. Some have actually informed me they like the sensation of satisfaction after they test themselves. For me, it’s a little of every little thing I simply stated blended with the enhancement of the post-ride brownie or cookie!

Why I educate with biking

For me, it is an excellent means to test my body and mind at the exact same time. When you’re doing a full-scale initiative, you require to focus on providing it every little thing you obtained. Simple, right?

However, I have actually found out that, also when I seem like I can not go any kind of more or any kind of much faster, there’s something inside me that makes me wish to maintain going. I make certain a few of you can connect to this too. It is likewise testing to maintain on your own in check when doing a recuperation trip. This occurs to me commonly, however I simply roll with it as well as have a good time. Another reason that I’m cross training with biking is it needs you to be extremely familiar with “really feel”. I do not truly recognize exactly how to describe this, however bear with me as I attempt. On a descent, do you ever before seem like you may be entering into an edge as well quickly? Do you ever before seem like the front of the bike is not transforming sufficient, or that the back tire is shedding grip? All of the above straight associates to competing autos! When I’m driving, I require to feel what the automobile is doing, as well as most notably, I require to understand why the automobile is not transforming sufficient on edge entrance or why the back is shedding grip on edge leave. For me biking is an additional means where I can exercise this.

Your psychological video game

Cycling likewise enables me to learn various other elements that I likewise utilize in motorsports.

There are numerous characteristics that make your “psychological video game”. To name a couple of: your focus, your will certainly to withstand discomfort (mind over issue), counting on on your own, as well as maintaining your word (stability). They type of correlate with each various other, however they all have their specific niche as well as can be related to your life. That’s what is so remarkable concerning biking– it can be a way of living! The area around the sporting activity has actually led me to brand-new relationships as well as a few of the best individuals I have actually ever before fulfilled!

For me as well as my training, it is a possibility to concentrate on focus. It is extremely challenging to focus on your type, or anything else, when you’re in discomfort from doing a full-scale initiative.

I can associate this for focus I require to have in an automobile. In a race situation, I may be in a circumstance where I contend the very least 2 various other autos near me. You have the sound of a race automobile engine right alongside your ear, the warm inside the cabin, as well as most notably, striking your marks whenever.

In short, there are a great deal of points taking place at one time. Concentration plays a substantial duty in my success as well as I think biking has actually permitted me to exercise as well as concentrate on those psychological elements that are so important to it.

I wish you have actually delighted in learning more about me as well as have actually had the ability to make a link with this post. I will certainly be blogging a lot more; nonetheless, I require your aid on choosing what subjects I must discuss. So, please allow me recognize what sort of concerns or subjects you would certainly like me cover.

Until after that, get on your bike as well as have a good time!

We were likewise able to overtake Alejo on our once a weekFacebook Bike Scoop Show Watch listed below for our meeting with him, as well as make certain to remain tuned to listen to as well as discover more concerning Alejo as well as his biking as well as auto racing period. We’ll be overtaking him all year.

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