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A new Gallup Poll shows that Americans’ positive self-assessments of their mental health are the lowest they’ve been in two decades. Dr. Jeff Gardere shares mental health warning signs and says it’s important to let your loved ones know they’re not alone. #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety “NewsNation Prime” is America’s source for unbiased news offering a full range of perspectives from across the U.S. Weekends starting at 7p/6C. NewsNation is your source for fact-based, unbiased news for all America. More from NewsNation: Get our app: Find us on cable: How to watch on TV or streaming:

28 thoughts on “Psychologist on mental health warning signs after tWitch death | NewsNation Prime”

  1. Mental health and depression isn’t nothing to play with cause you can spiral into a deep darkness that’s really hard to come back from, but I learned to just drop down to My knees and pray until I feel better cause there is nothing that’s too hard for God, nobody knows how or what Steven Boss was going through even though a person smile and seen as if they are on top of the world we don’t know what’s really going on behind that smile,we are at fault as well because we judge people if they seek help or if people know that they need help cause we’ve placed on Men especially black men that they have to be strong and can handle and endure everything that comes their way, when in fact Men just like everyone else has the right to cry to seek help too show their emotions and shouldn’t be judged for crying or seeking the help that they need, cause they are human and they need not ever ever to be ashamed of anything that’s bothering them, God Almighty Rest his soul cause now only God and Steven Boss knows what he was going through, my condolences to his wife and kids and mother and bother and grandfather, he’s in God’s Almighty Care now and one thing we all should know that if you live one day you too will surely die to, so God Almighty bless each and everyone of you and keep the faith cause ain’t nothing to hard for God to handle no matter your situation!!

  2. How the hell is this guy lonely? he got a beautiful wife two good looking daughters and a son and he has millions of dollars in the bank what the hell is wrong with people? and I have heard nothing of him having health issues. NOTHING……… there is something else going on in this man’s life that the social media don’t know about and his wife don’t know about and his family don’t know about ??? if he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was in another place he should just had simply told his wife I’m not happy in this marriage I am seeing another woman and get a divorce mental stress causes build up, build up causes extraordinary stress extraordinary stress causes death..

  3. How in the hell is this guy lonely,? he has a wife two good looking daughters a son and has millions of dollars in the bank and he has no health issues that I have heard of ? something else was going on in this life guy that the media and his wife don’t even know about ? if his heart was in another place he should have been a man and sat down and told his wife I’m in love with another woman and simply get a divorce stress causes buildup buildup causes more stress, causing mental issues causing death.

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