Premiers, feds intend to get to health-care contract in February

Rosemary Barton Live talks with Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic LeBlanc concerning the health-care offer that gets on the table with the districts and also areas. LeBlanc states Ottawa is intending to pertain to a contract with the premiers following month.

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22 thoughts on “Premiers, feds intend to get to health-care contract in February”

  1. The creation of a pan-canadian health identity is all part of the WEF digital ID plan. Canada is a pilot project, people…this is NOT in the best interest of the people. The feds are basically blackmailing the provinces and territories to obtain personal data. This is the alternative to ArriveCAN and the Known Traveller Digital Identity. This Federal government cannot be trusted with this kind of access!

  2. I’ve always voted liberal for the greater good. I’ve never been selfish and I’ve always known that there are people who have less than I and it is our obligation to take care of others. That was my view anyway. Over the decades, liberal governments have used my rights as a Quebec anglophone as a pawn it can sacrifice to win the votes from this province’s ethnonationalists who would never vote for them. As a result of seeing my quality of life and my community’s rights eroded, I will look at the conservative platform to see if it takes care of people like me. And if it does, I will vote for them.

    1. The hold up has been the provinces especially the conservative ones whining that they wanted the money without any accountabilty built in. That does nothing to help fix the system considering all the money ford “lost” that was supposed to go to healthcare and the money Alberta has shorted from their healthcare underbudget while also claiming a surplus. This is why it’s a popular opinion that yes going forward there does need to be ways to ensure that the provinces are all spending healthcare money where it is needed. If you think Trudeau standing up for the interests of all Canadians by not budging that there needs to be strings attached especially with the recent screwing around from the CONS that’s your very uninformed ignorant and not even remotely popular opinion among other Canadians.

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