Philpott: Health- treatment system in Canada has actually transformed


Former wellness preacher Jane Philpott, The Globe and also Mail’s Robert Fife and also The Star’s Stephanie Levitz go over healthcare. Subscribe to CTV News to enjoy even more video clips: Connect with CTV News:. For the current information check out: For a complete video clip using check out the CTV News Network: CTV News on Facebook: CTV News on TikTok: CTV News on Twitter: CTV News on Instagram: CTV News on Reddit: –. CTV News is Canada’s most-watched wire service both in your area and also across the country, and also has a network of nationwide, global, and also neighborhood information procedures.

15 thoughts on “Philpott: Health- treatment system in Canada has actually transformed”

  1. There is a large amount of corruption. Some of the local leadership wastes the money to say that the plans don’t work. All they are proving is that what they did with the money doesn’t work and in so doing they are hurting Canadians. There needs to be accountability at every level but with less bureaucracy. Ottawa doesn’t have a solid understanding of what each area needs. Give the provinces the money and allow the leadership there to take accountability for their regions.

  2. For many years now, the doctor to patient ratio has become increasingly inadequate!
    How are we planning to provide timely access to health care for Canadians let alone the annual wave of newcomers?
    There are thousands of experienced physicians, nurses and other health care professionals among these newcomers but layers of bureaucracy and politicking prevent them from offering their skills!
    Hopefully, we won’t continue to TALK about the problem for many more years to come as we have done in the past!

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