Pharma, Big Food Have Corrupted Health & Nutrition Policy

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Academy of Nutrition and also Dietetics takes cash from and also buys food firms that make items that damage your wellness, records reveal. Support your fasting way of living with Berberine HCl & Alpha Lipoic Acid by by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: Use code Podcast to conserve Belly Fat Effect Book: Links to Studies: Posting quickly —————————————–Show Notes ————————————–. Best Low Carb Snacks: Best Sleep Mask: Blue Blocking Glasses: Best Mouth Tape (Nexcare): NeilMed Nasal Wash Kit Breath Right Strips: A Metabolism Book Should Have: —————————————–Show Notes ————————————–. 0:00Intro 0:00 86% of writers or co-authors have economic connections to pharmaceutical firms when medicine tests are reported. 1:31 About 30% of the earnings of the Academy of Nutrition and also Dietetics, which accredits over 100,000 dietitians, originates from significant huge food and also pharmaceutical firms. 3:10 The FDA, CDC, and also NIH obtain market financing and also work with from the market they control. 4:00 About 67% of calories taken in by youngsters are refined foods. 5:10 Adults consume 57% of calories from refined foods. 5:30 The organization that makes nutritional standards has supply in food firms and also produces beneficial research study. 7:35 About 86% of clinical research studies have writers or researchers that are straight staff members of pharmaceutical firms on the paper. 9:00 The standard Medicare qualified individual gets on a minimum of 5 pharmaceutical drugs. 9:40 Pharma gave away approximately 6 to 7 million bucks to legislative projects. 10:30 Major networks obtained an overall of 1 billion bucks from federal government to advertise the injection. 11:00 We require even more openness.

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    1. Me also was told it was full of ” healthy fat ” 🤣🛑 its very apparent now with re to our health , diet, exercise and longevity we are being lied to ! The last 3 years especially have unmasked what’s going on ! At EVERY level of information we receive it’s questionable why we are being told what we are told and it mostly comes back to profit

    2. If you were growing up in the 70’s they were pushing fat free and low fat, stay out of the sun was gaining traction back then with sunscreens have higher and higher spf’s, they told us that an ice age was coming in the 70’s, there were gas lines due the huge oil shortage, egg beaters were a product, tang was big. I have never put sunscreen on to go out running I always added butter and cheese to my pasta I knew back then I liked fat, bacon and eggs from the diner where the eggs were cooked in the bacon fat. I have always liked greasy burgers. As a kid I never ate a cooked veggie by choice (we had to clean our plates or not leave the diner table when I was a kid).

  1. Been preaching this for years, it usually falls on deaf ears. We have let large corporations take over our country, and profit is their goal. Not the best interests of our citizens. Our political system is crafted such that it’s nearly impossible to do away with the buying of ‘leaders’. A single person can really only hope to lead by example, for their family and close circle. Social media can help the examples of real health become more visible as you are doing. Good work, keep it up!!

  2. The keto and carnivore bandwagon that promotes butter and other animal products is just as corrupt. So are the companies that process animals into so called food. WAPF is corrupt. They promote animal fat and try to make soy look like poison. It is not. No one is forced to buy from the big food companies. Buy organic beans and grains like oat groats in bulk from the small companies that market those online.

    Most animal foods produce oxidative stress, which causes free radical formation, which leads to chronic degenerative diseases: various cancers, CVD, type 2 diabetes, obesity, gut health issues, dementia. Maybe focus too on the effects of heavy metal consumption (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury that are in higher concentrations in meat) and pcb’s and anti-biotics plus numerous other toxins in meat. Would you lose half your audience? or more? People maintain their strongly held beliefs that meat consumption is healthy because they like the taste of meat. They rationalize using the false logic of keto.

    And the animal food industry causes horrific misery and pain to billions of animals. Why does that not matter? Rogan pretended to care about that for a few weeks and then dropped the ball and decided to attack vegans and their balanced WFPB vegan +B12 diet instead. Maybe stop promoting keto nonsense and learn about plant foods from people like Dr Will Bulsiewicz.

  3. The fact that WIC gives formula, rather than something useful, like housing, so a mother can remain home to NURSE her baby, as God intended, irritates me to no end. We have homeless children, but, the shelters get subsidized by the government, so they have to follow regulations in food service… AND local businesses often donate out of date junk food (because they can’t sell it)! I would personally cancel the national school meals. We can go back to requiring schools to keep cows to provide milk, and force every school to have a garden, which would be the food the children eat. They would gain agricultural skills, and have access to healthy food. We might have to allow them to raise chickens, too, for the eggs, and occasional poultry. But they would learn about good food, AND then there’s the physical activity.

    I firmly believe that if you get government food assistance, you should be given your fishing license free! (I know not everyone can fish, but still!) It would provide healthy food, and the health benefit of physical activity!

    Mostly, though, we just need to shut down big corporations, and deny them access to our children. No more “lower sugar” Apple Jacks for breakfast and Bosco breadsticks for lunch at school. No vending machines, no advertising.

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