No health benefits for Canadians in Trudeau’s Canada


Hospital beds in Canada have been inundated with people suffering with one or the other malady but the federal liberals have been kicking the crisis down the road for this long. The provinces in the country have been voicing concerns that Canada is walking on the path to become an ailing country but the government has been ignorant enough to lend their ears. But now the country’s patience has been tested enough. Even federal liberal’s own allies have turned against and are claiming a breakup of ties if this attitude of the government continues to persist. Watch the video to know more. For news from other parts of the World (including Canada ), download our app: Join our subreddit: – r/tfiglobalnews Join our Facebook page: @tfglobal Join us on Twitter: @tfiglobal Join our Instagram page: @tfiglobal Join our telegram channel:- TFIGlobal Join us on LinkedIn: – @tfiglobal Subscribe to our channel- @TFIGlobal Subscribe to our Africa Channel- @TFIGlobal-Africa Subscribe to our Caribbean channel: – @TFIGlobalCaribbean About the channel TFIGLOBAL CANADA – A channel dedicated to the Great White North. Canada is often overlooked by mainstream media portals. Even Canadian news agencies are more interested in discussing American Politics and UK’s royal family. Not anymore, we will make sure to tell you the news that mainstream media either doesn’t care to report or conceals it to serve their paymasters. #justintrudeau #canada #canadanews #trudeaunews #alberta #manitoba #saskatchewan #ottawa This channel is owned, operated, and managed by, TFI Media Private Limited.

11 thoughts on “No health benefits for Canadians in Trudeau’s Canada”

  1. But lets keep sending billions of dollars to that guy across the waters who is begging from everyone for more money…and more weapons that the billions we already sent should have covered for. But yet, our hospitals suffer. Amazing the things YT won’t let you say anymore…including apparently the name of a certain country. Why do we need a censorship bill? It’s already here.

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