Nike SB | Why So Sad? Comedian | Skateboarding and Our Psychological Health


Sit again and take heed to John Rattray as he reads by way of the Why So Sad? comedian developed in partnership with Dr. Bruce Perry, Push to Heal, and the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport. It explores the roots of despair, nervousness, and the continual stress that, unchecked, can lead all the best way to suicidal ideation. It doesn’t declare to offer all of the solutions or options, nevertheless it does talk about how skateboarding, in addition to sport and different rhythmic exercise, can be utilized as one a part of a therapeutic tool-kit. Developing a fundamental understanding of the physiological elements of this factor we time period ‘psychological well being’ has been a game-changer for me. I hope it might probably enable you too. Love to all. — John Rattray Note: The intent of the next story is to shine a light-weight on current work that helps us higher perceive our personal psychological well being. With that, it touches briefly on the subject of bereavement by loss as a consequence of each suicide and alcoholism. For extra, please go to More from Nike Skateboarding Official web site: Instagram: Twitter:

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  1. Living with multiple PTSD, skateboarding saved me. Overide the negative with new positive experience. The healing proces takes up a lot of time and also cost a lot of money. Your punished triple times: the traumas, therapy cost money, living off minimum because of the high costs of therapy’s. I tried to hold a job, with PTSD it’s a too big of a challenge and almost impossible. So pretty much your screwed. I didn’t choose this for my life. Having almost no quality of life I can understand some people just check out and don’t want to live. The health and wealth system of this world is not right.

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