Mental Health E.R. Visits On The Rise Among Children


Emergency division check outs as well as takes another look at in kids’s medical facilities that belong to psychological wellness are “boosting swiftly,” a brand-new research study recommends. More: #cbsnewsmiami #news #mentalhealth #health #medical

2 thoughts on “Mental Health E.R. Visits On The Rise Among Children”

    1. Nice you take a issue that affects all Americans children at that and try to politicize it!? In what way does this benefit the country? Its going to be a issue regardless. Mental illness shouldn’t be some wedge issue between the parties!?

      On top of that, the video is just a newscaster repeating statistics from an organization that you can double check. What does this have to do with Democracts? Unless you believe obtaining and presenting information is inherently a left wing characteristic. And please no elaborate conspiracy on how mental illness is a left wing communistic blah blah blah. It’s been documented issue since at least antiquity.

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