Mental Health Awareness is phony as fuuuuuuuuu


all the (redacted) in the baby crib, ma! (redacted) it like it’s (redacted)! this is the advertisement pleasant variation of decline it like its warm Social media has actually constantly been a location to quickly spread out info swiftly and also successfully to a big team of individuals. Because of this, numerous amazing sensations have actually been birthed online, such as “warm woman summer season”, “me 2”, and also much more especially– as talked about in today’s video clip– “psychological wellness recognition”. However, via the surge of TikTok, several video clips associating with this topic have perhaps boosted preconception and also reproached those that connect to the web content being produced there online … are they incorrect to dislike such people, or is this yet one more pretension ahead out of something relatively favorable? lowkey I assume im simply beginning to make use of huge words for utilizing huge words at this moment lejnrgnrekgjr todays video clip has to do with several of the failures with the idea of psychological wellness recognition appreciate. or do not lol _________________________________________________ →My Socials instagram • my developer archive shop • additionally on vestaire cumulative • @miiasaur. tumblr • blacked-tourmaline. tiktok • miiawhoreus. Business Inquiries ONLY: [email protected] _____________________________________________________. THIS VIDEO CLIP IS NOT SPONSORED, part of the profits will certainly go in the direction of the NBJC WOOOOO. → National Black Justice Coalition • Resources,


15 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness is phony as fuuuuuuuuu”

  1. As someone who has been diagnosed bpd for almost 10 years and knows many people with this. It’s very much a spectrum. You can’t take two people with bpd and say they’re the same
    Mental illness is a spectrum. Your emotions and experiences are yours and yours alone
    Thank you for all you do and for how you spoke about bpd x bpd is very misunderstood and how you addressed this was heart warming
    Sending love ❤

  2. i think this whole like “gatekeeping” of mental illnesses comes from people self diagnosing themselves and running around saying things like “i have bpd” or “i’m bipolar” and blaming a lot of shit they do on these illnesses while not being officially diagnosed, which just really makes the horrible stigma towards these illnesses even worse. i wanna support you wherever i can bestie. i feel your pain but you can’t run around blaming your shitty behaviour on bpd when you haven’t even been diagnosed with it that to me is just heavily morally wrong. THAT BEING SAID there’s a difference between self diagnosing and seeing yourself in a specific mental illness and maybe understand yourself better through it (which was me before i got diagnosed) but all of that being said this shouldn’t turn into gatekeeping these illnesses because we need to start SEEING people that are mentally ill but don’t have a diagnosis because just because you’re not diagnosed doesn’t mean you don’t need help. look out for each other besties <33

  3. i have bpd and very much had a friend who loved claiming that label without diagnosis until i told her the negative impacts from those behaviours and she was like “no i dont have bpd” after already claiming it. she also lied to her therapists ended up with lithium (i know this woman an dlived with her for a while) and got lithium poisoining and she just loved playing that out for people like the one day she spent in the psych ward before leaving and bragging about it to people like “oh im so crazy and sick”. yeah she was mentally ill, shes got like munchosen. she wanted attention. she didnt have disordered moods, she never showed signs of any type opf anything until she heard me talking about my diagnosis and would be like “i have that oh thats me” and used the hashtags but that was it. her journey was for attention. as soon as the new man came into her life shes the poicture of perfect health because playing bpd didnt fit her picture perfcet life.

  4. This needed to be said. Thank you, I agree that the romanticism is stupid. Also, everybody wants to be mentally ill because it’s ….cool now? I’m so confused. I grew up my whole life wanting to be neurotypical. But like that I heard on that viral tiktok, it’s all cute to talk about these things, and we all love Wednesday Adams but in real life it sucks. And everybody is gay and has ADHD now lmao life is cool.

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