James O’Brien destroys Health Secretary over ‘disgusting’ claims about striking healthcare workers



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15 thoughts on “James O’Brien destroys Health Secretary over ‘disgusting’ claims about striking healthcare workers”

  1. James O’Brien is a lefty loon. He doesn’t understand the real world. This isn’t just about demanding a 19 percent wage rise.
    It’s about the right of people working in the medical profession to refuse to help people in medical difficulty.
    I believe there are certain jobs where striking is not allowed. The police for example. Or the armed forces.
    People working in healthcare should not strike.

  2. I have no doubt that this is the latest effort to drive down the NHS , in order to make it easier to privatise health care . It started under Thatcher , progressed under Cameron , then successively the latest 3 clowns fronting the Tories . Our local health board put a stop to “bank nursing ” in the name of the working time directive . However they have no compunction in employing agency nurses ( at exorbitant rates ) . Many of those nurses will have already worked as an employee of another NHS hospital anyway . So , they have effectively privatised Bank nursing .

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