Ignoring Exercise is Public Health Malpractice (new study)



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20 thoughts on “Ignoring Exercise is Public Health Malpractice (new study)”

  1. Great information! I enjoy your honest, direct, no cotton wool or dainty messages reserved for those in a perpetual state of denial & blindly follow all the BS nonsense we’ve been receiving. Their refusal to recognize that it’s a choice to do whatever we personally can (within our own physical limitations), to have a curious mind, consider the vomit we’ve been told (for many of us, our entire lives), ask if that actually seems to be working? Ask the questions, based upon following the advice, are we living a healthy, vibrant life? If not, what personal choices can I make daily, consistently, to seek a new standard of health? It’s incredibly frustrating as someone who questions the status quo, seeks understanding, has a curious & open mind to consider things from a critical perspective, not a judgemental one. Simply seeking to have that dialoge in which ALL ideas are given proper consideration is rough going. People tend to get agitated, and seem to feel threatened by it. The trouble with that is it shuts down dialog. We need to be able to have a mindset of continuous improvement. Recognition of the fact that it’s time to draw the line in the sand and acknowledge that yes, we thought we were doing our best with the information we had previously, but it’s time to acknowledge that personally there’s much we can do to help ourselves including making conscious choices. Thank you for all your energy & passion in helping those of us open to discuss this.

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