I Used a WALKING DESK for a Week *PRODUCTIVITY & health hack?*



The newest workout trend to hit TikTok, the walking desk. It’s reported to help with weight loss, higher energy levels, and increased productivity… but is it too good to be true? What are the downsides? Injury, over training, dripping in sweat during your zoom session? I used it everyday for a week to find out if you should buy one or if its going to collect dust like every other fitness trend to hit the market. Enjoy Episode 5 of My Wellness Diary Need WORKOUT MUSIC?! I GOT YOU: My Workout Music Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmfd-hb4JsoP1bE5cEHJDA/videos → New Workout Streams every monday to accompany your workouts! MY SOUND CLOUD: Running Workout Music 2022:

My HIIT Workout Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/32oIGeS MY WORKOUT OUTFITS: Energy Sports Bra: https://creatoriq.cc/3BWjlvh Hotty Hot HR Shorts:https://creatoriq.cc/3BZr1wH Align Biker Shorts: https://creatoriq.cc/3SpVEka Track that Runner Shorts: https://creatoriq.cc/3qVcYBV Swiftly Tech long sleeve: https://creatoriq.cc/3C96Wo1 Swiftly tech shorts sleeve: https://creatoriq.cc/3S3VIXg Power Stride Socks: https://creatoriq.cc/3RZc8QC Wunder Under Tights: https://creatoriq.cc/3r2k5bK Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew Softstreme https://creatoriq.cc/3dss2Ek Perfectly Oversized Crew: https://creatoriq.cc/3qXXjC4 My current favourite stretch’s (helped me to do the splits) *free PDF* https://creative-speaker-8169.ck.page/opt-in Link to desk NOTE – I have zero affiliations with this. It held up great for the 1 week I used it BUT I don’t know long term how good it’ll be. It was one of the cheapest models I could find https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/gozone-walking-treadmill-for-standing-desks-blackgrey/6000203268379 LET’S BE FRIENDS! → Instagram @keltieoconnor | https://www.instagram.com/keltieoconnor → Twitter @keltieoconnor | https://twitter.com/Keltieoconnor → TikTok @keltieoconnor | https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJKBK4yR/ My Second Channel (DJ KOC) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmfd-hb4JsoP1bE5cEHJDA?view_as=subscriber Business inquiries: [email protected] About Me: Hi I’m Keltie a former college basketball player turned Youtuber. Vlogging as I attempt different fitness challenges, ways to move your body, while I travel the world (little pause on that part hahah). Whether it’s running a marathon, sweating it out in a heart bumping spin class, attempting a handstand, debunking a workout myth, swimming in the ocean, or stretching in the sun. New project involving your perfect workout playlist coming soon too 🙂 Stay for BTS of that My little passion project has been putting together some awesome workout playlists for you guys to enjoy! Follow them & me on spotify and I will keep updating them so you always have awesome music to workout to 🙂: My Spotify for Workout Music account: https://spoti.fi/3tqVpt7

31 thoughts on “I Used a WALKING DESK for a Week *PRODUCTIVITY & health hack?*”

  1. I use a trademill with an adjustable table, and i love it.
    I mostly do programming, code reviews and emails.
    What I’d recommend to everyone who’s using it, is to get a separate monitor and keyboard/mice set in order to make it more ergonomic.
    when you’re using your laptop monitor and keyboard, you either have to bend your neck down, or have your hands in a weird posture.
    with a separate monitor, you can set the monitor height to fit your eyes position, and with an external keyboard/mice set, well, it’s just more comfortable. at least it is for me.

    Also, the trademill i own fits the length of my strides(i’m 6″0). so i’d say it’s important to make sure you’re not buying a trademill that’s too short in comparison to your stride’s length

  2. Just finished Dr Leiberman’s The story of the Human Body. After Jennifer Grey’s Out of the Corner & Sapiens my plan is to get to Exercised to finish the year. The Whole dynamic behind bioindivuality & what sings to us needs to be explored going forward. Some folks need to double down on Yoga/Pilates & others HITT/PLYO. The treadmill, indoor cycle & rower are going to play important parts.

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