I Need AID! (Testosterone, TRT, Men’s Health) in Manila, Philippines – Where I Went


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22 thoughts on “I Need AID! (Testosterone, TRT, Men’s Health) in Manila, Philippines – Where I Went”

  1. Thanks for the subject matter as it is important to all men. I am a 72 year old man who’s testosterone levels are essentially on the bottom level scale. I started trying injections but I forget the medication name at the time. when I told my endocrinologist she said that I should stop as it could potentially cause me to have a heart attack d/t the way the medication worked. This was 3 to4 years ago so hopefully the meds that are being used now are much more improved. Anyway I also tried pills which did not work. I then tried a foam that you smear on the top of each shoulder. In the end those other options did not work so I stopped pursuing the issue. I was also told that exercise will also help improve your testosterone levels. Good luck!

  2. Tim, the VAMC could of done your Testosterone test, simple test…Be careful with doctors that want to make money, your level is within normal limits, while a little low, but not bad. I would get a second opinion before going further…Testosterone tests are run on immunoassay chemistry analyzer…should be cheaper. I would see an endocrinologist.

  3. Tim, I am a doctor, I would get a second opinion, you don’t need this. Blood tests are way too expensive and the medicine is way too expensive, its in the interest of the doctors to have you on this medicine, I would worry about kickbacks etc. The VAMC should of done the test for free. You need to see an endocrinologist instead. Hormone doctor. The VAMC would have been a better place to consult the results of the T test. Do you have a CPAP? I would look at your quality of sleep before you take a hormone…

    1. Scott I appreciate the advice. My dr wasn’t making a dime off the drugs I take. It was only $22 to see him. He had no interest in financially benefitting any route I took. I think your endocrine specialist advice is solid. Unfortunately, the way we have been lied to by doctors in the last 3 years cheapened your profession. Personal responsibility and research from trusted medical professionals and studies should be absorbed by each individual more than ever. I’m also up against some challenges that normal people in the west don’t have to overcome. Crap food, limited medical care nearby and crap facilities for training. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Here’s the deal. All through my 20s and 30s I weighed 350 to 375 lb 6 ft tall. When I was 42 I went on a diet a low carb diet and dumped 150 lb and one of the biggest things I noticed was my clarity of thinking got better. I started connecting the dots better in my brain and figuring things out got easier. Come to find out obesity clouds your mind, Google it. The more weight you lose the clearer you get you can actually feel it happening. When you’re as fat as I was you kind of walk around in a haze all the time. Kept it off for last 10 years never going back just not worth the hassle. Lose the weight first and worry about everything else afterwards. Being thin is a superpower, try it and you’ll see.

  5. Tim… to lose weight and help with low T… go on a Carnivore eating lifestyle. That is meat, (fatty meats) salt, eggs. basically all protein diet. you will lose weight and it will help all kinds of inflammation. plus no hunger after on few a week or so…. then after on for a few weeks.. start intermittent fasting… so eating in a 8 hour window each day say noon to 8pm. then fast tell noon. or even skip a day of eating every other day. its easy once on Carnivore cause without carbs you really dont have cravings. So, no bread, no sugar…. just eat meat. fatty meats help your body burn fat and replace with good fatty energy. do for 1 month and you will see that doing it for more will only keep you getting healthier and healthier.

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