I Emailed My Doctor 133 Times: The Crisis In the British Healthcare System



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20 thoughts on “I Emailed My Doctor 133 Times: The Crisis In the British Healthcare System”

  1. I am non binary trans fem. I am also autistic(had the assessment back in February and the results in August) and asexual. I only discovered I was non binary(originally I thought I was a trans woman) about 2 years ago. You know what triggered gender dysphoria in me at the age of 45/46? My hair starting to bald. If I hadn’t started to bald I would never have known. Never been exactly a masculine kind of person(why is it Google can tell me the correct spelling of masculine but the Windows built in spell checker can’t?), never was that much into sports except when I had no choice in PE at school(why do we force kids to exercise at school? I hated freezing my tits off during PE outside in the middle of winter, I bet the girls never had to strip down to their bras during PE when playing team sports, no I bet they had colour coding vests or something but boys were either shirts or topless, maybes it was my school was poor or something. rant over), never had muscles either and wasn’t interested. I cried a lot during my early school years until I was forced by school peer pressure to toughen up. I still remember the taunts mostly from girls(girls can be so cruel at times).

    Anyway I am ranting. What I came here to say was I can relate to the waiting lists. I guess I was lucky that I got a supporting GP(despite not been able to see my GP in person the last two years). He referred me a couple or three months after I said am trans please refer me. I eventually got the letter from the gender clinic August 2021. The letter said I will be waiting 2 and a half years till my first appointment and another 2 and a half years after that. I couldn’t wait that long so I been self medicating since May 29th 2021 so nearly 19 months. The clinic I will be going to is the one for the north east of England, it is way out in the middle of nowhere almost like they don’t want us mixing with the “normal” people. I have changed my name with them. Other than being referred I have had literally zero support. Being seen for autism only took a year or so. If I could afford to go private I would. The waiting list for private care is only a couple of months. The problem is the £200 sign up fee and other costs plus a monthly fee. A blood test private is if my memory correct £250. Flipping heck, I can get a blood test with a home nurse visit from Mediachecks for about £180.

  2. Just cuz you can, DOES NOT MEAN that you SHOULD! We can change to make it better for al without modifying or doing complexities when things are simple…BUT WE HAVE MADE IT COMPLICATED through our own failures and flaws.
    But WE DO IT TOGETHER, or we die alone. We lack the understanding becaus currently, we are weak —-our actions (good or bad) can end us. There is better and hope for us…but there are OTHER ways which are not yet mainstream …Endure it …you must. until you learn to love yourselves for who you REALLY ARE. You are special, just not to our current, shitty world. We have nothing figured out and yet we think we do….I laugh at the arrogance, but I will and see a better way for all.

  3. While watching this, I felt corollaries with every form of institutional failure I’ve ever experienced; the same variety-limiting inertia, the same defensiveness from those with money or time or effort already sunk into a system; systems whose primary output is failure (failure even to control), perpetuated by solipsistic mutual dependencies; & systems with the _purpose_ of failure, intractably opposed to individual agency on the premise that choice brings harm. All the while, as I watched, the feeling that my experiences did not compare & that without such context I could not truly _know_ (Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra), intersected & transfixed a sense of oneness with the presenter’s urgency. I don’t have to be trans or a management cyberneticist, to recognize that exclusory practices do harm. A great many real & terrible harms are inflicted, to protect us from hyperbolic hypotheticals. Watching this helped me reconsider my approaches to medical & life issues of my own. Thank you.

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