How To Save At Least $300 On Health Insurance


Most Americans are bad at figuring out which health insurance plan will save them money. A study of almost 24,000 employees at a major Fortune 100 company found that 61% of them chose the wrong plan for their needs and estimated that the average employee could have saved $372 per year by choosing a different plan. Watch the video above to learn why Americans struggle to pick the most financially beneficial insurance plan for them and how to pick the right one. » Subscribe to CNBC: » Subscribe to CNBC TV: About CNBC: From ‘Wall Street’ to ‘Main Street’ to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: Follow CNBC News on Facebook: Follow CNBC News on Twitter: Follow CNBC News on Instagram: Subscribe to CNBC PRO: #CNBC How To Save At Least $300 On Health Insurance

12 thoughts on “How To Save At Least $300 On Health Insurance”

  1. The question is what r u really getting and remember nothing for free..they may tell u it is but ask they will gaslight u…ask this why r insurance give free check ups but still billing out of your payment to them then turn around send u to doctors who re do everything so double payments? But doctors get kickbacks also? So they dont care? So who’s really sticking it to us the doctors or insurance? How much is each person paying?

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