How to boost your intestine health and wellness|David Atherton and also Professor Tim Spector

What does a champion of The Great British Bake Off learn about boosting your intestine health and wellness?

As it ends up, rather a whole lot.

Star baker David Atherton signs up with Tim to share his leading suggestions for boosting your microbiome, from including veggies to your bakes to obtaining your 30 plants a week in a solitary dish of gruel, David is a professional at making supporting your intestine health and wellness enjoyable and also simple.

Let us recognize which of David’s suggestions you’ll be experimenting with and also if there are any type of various other video clips you would love to see from the ZOE group?

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16 thoughts on “How to boost your intestine health and wellness|David Atherton and also Professor Tim Spector”

  1. All my symptoms are gone including brain fog, fatigue and forever weakness,constipation, bloating, Diarrhoea e.t.c.. I got diagonised at 27 with IBS and Crohns, living with the pains was a real everyday struggle. A warrior would definitely understand..thanks to natural diet and natural protocol of DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME on here youtube, am so excited to be free, I really appreciate your help DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME.🎉🎉

  2. This is great, thank you please could you perhaps work with maybe …coeliac UK and also suggest ways for ultra sensitive coeliacs to improve gut health, especially those also intolerant of oats… As that is my experience I’m doing my best with nuts seeds and pseudo grains … And root veg! But developing own sour dough comes with issues for us… Oh got a dog(not Stress free!!& Another story but perhaps not beneficial Exchange for them!) and I work outside so a big positive tick there. But thank you love this work Tim and team at Zoe. Thank you.

  3. I added JuicePlus+ capsules, omegas & shakes to my diet 16 years ago; 30+ fruits, veggies & berries a day. It has transformed my health. No covid in our house. I am having chemotherapy for widely metastasised cancer & sailing through it. I am a partner in the JP business in order to spread the word about fruits&veggies & a plant/based diet, & happy to explain more if anyone’s interested. This presentation about the microbiome is spot-on.

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