How Comparison Ruins Your Mental Health (And How To Stop)


We’re here to help you take control of your mental health and your life. Comprehensive list of mental health resources Healthy Gamer Coaching designed by Dr. K Dr. K’s Guide to Mental Health ▼ Timestamps ▼ ──────────── 00:00 – Preview 00:23 – A word from our guru… 00:29 – Introduction 02:17 – Why do we compare? 07:19 – How do comparisons get made? 12:40 – What can we do about it? 15:46 – Yogic Psychology 20:14 – Conclusion ──────────── DISCLAIMER Healthy Gamer is an online community and resource platform for gamers and their families. It does not provide medical services or professional counseling, and it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Our coaches are peer supporters, not professionally trained experts, and they cannot provide medical service. If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation’s emergency telephone number. All guests of Healthy Gamer are informed of the public, non-medical nature of the content and have expressly agreed to share their story.

14 thoughts on “How Comparison Ruins Your Mental Health (And How To Stop)”

  1. 12:34 – No, there actually IS a fairly good chunk of A-Z for achieving what these people achieving. Sure, a lot of it is luck, but there are absolutely measurable things that most people can do to get a leg up. A big one is something you display in your video here. Constantly talking in a very energetic way. That ALONE is a huge one. Take a look at the big creators. Almost every single one of them can TALK. And they are almost always energetic and at a consistent level for their whole video. And there’s many other things as well.

  2. I’m so tired of this lie that we perpetuate that “Oh you’re perfect just the way you are. You don’t need to be like them. You need to be like you!” Really? Because reality shows that those people I’m comparing myself to get everything they want. They get the pretty girl. They get the money. They get the status. They get all of these things that matter. They get happiness. When I hear this drivel, all I hear is “Just be happy as you are, because you aren’t worthy of all of that simply due to the circumstances of your birth.” Pretty cool how some people get to be born into bodies and with charisma that allows them to live life on easy mode, and then the rich men tell the poor men to just be happy being poor.

  3. When I hear things like “stop doing ___, it’s bad for your mental health!” It actually makes me feel much worse off, like there’s something wrong with me for doing it in the first place. Seeing videos like this telling me I’m normal and it’s not inherently bad to compare yourself are so validating. Overthinking hasn’t ruined my mental health nearly as much as trying to stop doing it has. I’m neurodivergent and have been told I have black and white thinking, so that could be why, but I really appreciate you Dr K.

  4. One thing I have noticed about comparison is that I am very verbose about my problems in life and I will compare myself to people who put out a good image and keep their problems secret. It always gets me; I always forget that the other person is likely to have problems that compare to mine, but since they don’t talk publicly about it, I end up feeling like I’m inferior because I do have problems

  5. Having looked into mental health for awhile now, it sucks how a lot of these problems are correlated. Take comparisons for example. A lot people who develop toxic comparisons have this rooted from childhood from bad parenting. And then this ends up affecting your motivation and self esteem. And because all of this sucks, you end up developing depression or anxiety. I love watching these individual topics from Dr. K, it’s just hard to tackle them individually when all of these problems are affected/powered by the other.

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