HEALTHY AND BALANCED CONSUMING|how-to make consuming healthy and balanced much easier

Learn 3 healthy and balanced consuming pointers that everybody must understand to make consuming healthy and balanced much easier (and also assist you to quit battling with food!). Start with these fundamentals, after that develop. XO

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0:48 The message all dietary standards share.
3:48 Food is not constantly what requires our interest.
8:11 Big adjustments occur with tiny day-to-day methods.
11:08 For grasping great routines take a look at guide Atomic Habits byJames Clear
11:45 For aid with your weight trip take a look atThe Don’t Diet
12:14 Outro – Share your ideas!

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Beginner’s Guide To Healthy Eating:
Weight Loss Motivation:
Natural Weight Loss:


16 thoughts on “HEALTHY AND BALANCED CONSUMING|how-to make consuming healthy and balanced much easier”

  1. great advice! I spent a year going through a transformation, I started taking ozempic for my type two diabetes and for 3 months could barely eat anything due to feeling nauseous, it did kill my appetite and helped kick my sugar addiction and of course I lost approximately 65 pounds over 6 months. Now I eat protein and lower carb vegetables and am doing much better, but I really believe getting off the sugar roller coaster, made where I am now, possible.

  2. Hi Dani i have watched your videos off and on for a while but ths time around your way of eatinf has really resinated with me and i have even made a couple of your recipes just within the last week. I tried to tag you on FB with my facenook but i am computer illerate so not sure if it worked :} Anywho, i am a type 2 diabetic currently very uncontrolled (trying to better now) i am wondering what your advice to me would be? I like that you use the natural sugars but i wonder if even those are ok for me? You are so right, there is so much information out there, especially when it comes to diabetes, that it is hard to know what to do. Thats why i like how you do it with the clean eating. I am not interested in doing keto, i think it is too restrictive for me and not sustainable. I also dont like the idea of intermitten fasting. shaky and “hangry if i go too long without eating. I have a food addiction/ emotional overeating problem and i could really use any help, advice, or support you could give me. Sorry i know this was a long post but i appreciate you.

  3. Love all of your videos and I thank you for them! So great to have someone like you working to help others in something that we all seem to struggle with! Your positive attitude and support are inspiring! You have a wonderful way about you and I can see that it is long-lasting! Good for you! I have been morbidly obese for a number of years due to a bad thyroid and overeating to try to get energy–and I have a horrible case of sleep apnea–I was convinced I could not lose weight–I did join Weight Watchers and that helped to turn my positive attitude on and thank goodness I managed to lose almost 100 pounds! I began to enjoy your recipes more and more and still love all of them and also your advice whenever I can! If ever I feel unfocused or depressed I know I can watch one of your videos and it actually helps me to regroup! Thank you for all that you do! I still have another 80 pounds to go to get to my goal weight but I feel it is do-able now and your presentation in this video confirm that for me. I am eternally grateful for your part in my journey! Hope you have a wonderful year with your adorable family and much success in all you do! Deborah in Massachusetts

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