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🔥 — get the 2 year plan and 4 additional months for free! Are the Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, Samsung Watch, Garmin, Fitbit and all the other smart wearables functional or just a fad? Can they help connect you, protect you, and keep you from harm, or just overwhelm you with numbers and cause some alarm? Doctor Mike, noted YouTube creator, family physician, and pro boxer joins me to talk about about health in the age of tech! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE 🔗 LINKS Doctor Mike: 🗂 CHAPTERS 🚨 ETHICS & DISCLAIMER All opinions are my own. This channel does not produce sponsored or paid reviews. Companies occasionally provide briefings or loan sample products to facilitate reviews but provide no payment and get no editorial input, content approval, or advanced previews. They see them for the first time when you do Links may contain referrals for affiliate programs that provide this channel with a tiny commission should you make a purchase. They likewise receive zero editorial input or consideration 📝 CREDITS 📷 Some video and images via by Getty Images and/or AP Archives 🎸 Some music via by Epidemic

15 thoughts on “Health tech hot takes with @DoctorMike”

  1. My mom had serious heart problems and the doctor didn’t believe her, because it never occurred during the visit to the doctor. I caught her an Apple Watch, so she could prove, that her heart was doing weird stuff with the ecg. It worked. She got treated and is fine now. She needed the watch, because her heart happened not to act up when she had a medical monitor for like two weeks. The watch she could wear all the time and record when she was feeling weird. So yea: not necessary for everyone, but helpful for some.

  2. So a Medical-Doctor / Social-Media Influencer sees that AI/ML Technology is advancing, Health Care is being slowly democratized and is likely going to be better at diagnosing health problems in near future.. and he starts fear-mongering.. Instead of realizing that doctors WILL have to adopt, and only those who will learn to work with AI/ML advancements, will continue to thrive in their profession. Not the ones who are opposing the change.

    It’s sad to see one of my favorites.. in fact, The Favorite YouTube channel is giving platform to people like this.
    @Rene Ritchie , what happened?

  3. I use a simple watch that monitors my steps, helps me watch my sleep, and the that records that info also has it where I can log my BP and BS. So each doctor visit, we can go over the info, including my bloodwork and make any treatment adjustments. I have a few ailments, and early on, tech became a valuable tool. When the Pandemic hit, our phones being able to monitor oxygen was amazing, as we were isolated at home, and our doctor would check in remotely and would have us do the temp and oxygen. I still see a lot of room for improvement, and agree with Dr. Mike on a lot of stuff, but I have found some uses for my watch that have been beneficial.

  4. I’m curious how the pavlok device that gives you a mild shock and could help with such alarm fatigue, personally I find it’s amazing for anyone who has sleep issues and sleeps super heavy and really needs to wake up like for finals or anything. I’m curious what your take is on the device dr mike for something for waking up and stuff like that and the potential it has for the future if it adapts, and any issues it could help improve.

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