Health Secretary ‘eager to have discussion’ with nursing unions

Health Secretary Steve Barclay states he is “eager to have discussion” with the nursing unions.

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17 thoughts on “Health Secretary ‘eager to have discussion’ with nursing unions”

  1. These government ministers are a nasty joke!! The media organisations that have enabled their destructive austerity and mismanagement of the economy are a nasty neo-liberal joke!! How can anything they say be trusted, they have lied and lied throughout their 13 years in charge. They have no ideas to resolve the problems, and will continue to fail the people they are supposed to represent. It is all about protecting the interests of the excessively and disgustingly over indulged super rich. If this was Labour party failures they would be getting a nasty response from the press. If the MSM were doing their job they would be yelling at this government to f’off and triggering debates about political, economic, social and environmental reform!!

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