Health Insurance

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15 thoughts on “Health Insurance”

  1. The fact this man made this video and everyone knows there’s no comedy in it. Americans marching for the rainbow brigade, marching because an orange man said bad words in private but not marching for decent healthcare and maternity leave then eating triple burgers and shooting guns like they’ve got European coverage. Jokes. Land of the free? Pahahaha!

  2. Let’s not forget what happens if an insurance company stops offering it to certain areas. You then lose ALL your doctors in one day, along with over half of your state in the same situation. Yay now to fight for months to get a new doctor then get them caught up on 35 years of medical history & 3 years of tests to figure out which autoimmune disease you have. I was so lucky my insurance was only $61 a month with $15 co-pays. It also includes vision & dental. But if I get caught being eligible for nursing home job insurance (absolute shit insurance for double the cost & half the coverag) I’ll have to pay an enormous amount back. Worth the risk to not die this year.

  3. Insurance in general is a scam, they sell it to you on the off chance of you needing a million dollar treatment with unobtainium distillate, but as soon as anything expensive comes up they dispute the claim and hang you to dry with limitless legal funds.

    Only reason to get insurance is your own inability to save the premiums for an emergency instead of spending them on Amazon.

  4. I went to the dentist cost eighteen hundred ( same day of visit) for one tooth.. because my insurance is delayed and they still keeps taking out money Fr my account (automatically) And few years ago cost $5,000 for my cough including check up and meds ( bronchitis ) Few months ago I thought I had Covid even though I’m in medical field now I decided to cure myself ( with gingers and kalungay – medieval style) Don’t take it as advice see your doctors.. anyway I’m better now like brand new how much it cost me ? Five dollars!!

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