Gas range fumes as well as damaged public health and wellness discussion (PODCAST E40)

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15 thoughts on “Gas range fumes as well as damaged public health and wellness discussion (PODCAST E40)”

  1. As long as shitty electric stoves exist, I could never support any sort of ban on gas stoves. The lack of convenience from those things is a health risk to me by itself from how much it would discourage cooking. Induction is great for most uses, but still doesn’t do great with woks in my experience. I’m mostly looking forward to the idea of replacing natural gas with hydrogen.

  2. I’m not really concerned with the chemicals from burning natural gas considering all the chemicals we get exposed to and the fumes from the food itself. It’s possible it’s a bit more concerning in US apartments and even houses that don’t have a separate kitchen. When I was still in lebanon it was easy to just open the kitchen window even on a cold winter day, because that doesn’t affect much the living room.

    But the real hazards, which arr enough reason to avoid gas stoves, are the risk of explosion and the risk of poisoning by breathing it, in case of a leak. So many times I had to run and open the window because the burner didn’t ignite fast enough. I feel much safer with the electric stoves in the US. While electric stove still come with their own dangers, they’re nothing compared to gas, and most of the dangers also exist with gas.

  3. We can’t really make a case for the dangers of gas stoves when Americans are eating themselves into record levels of obesity. A gas stove probably won’t kill you before you’re 50, being fat will. And we’re obviously being forced into electric cars, even though we don’t have the infrastructure or power sources to support them, and now we’re being forced into electric ranges. It’s just too much. Hey, I’m all about electricity, don’t get me wrong, but I’m totally against imposing things upon people “for their own good.”
    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

  4. Listening to this, it sounds that, in the US, “town gas” wasn’t much of a thing. In Europe (in particular, Britain), decades before they piped natural gas to homes, they were using an artificial gas made using water and coal, at the municipal “gasworks” (anyone who grew up reading “The Beano” and “The Dandy” would have heard term “The Gasworks Gang”, who were usually the bad guys..) and piped to homes, where it was used for lighting, heating and cooking (there’s the famous AGA on-all-the-time oven/stove/space heater), and used for street lamps. This stuff was deadly, since it was half-and-half carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Apparently an easy way to commit suicide was to stick your head in a gas oven without lighting it, quite a few famous people (Sylvia Plath comes to mind) did this.

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