Former Vapers Explain Why Quitting Improved Their Mental Health

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Many American teens make use of vaping tools in initiatives to regulate stress and anxiety and also anxiousness, yet some specialists state it just makes psychological health issue even worse. Savannah Sellers speaks to teenagers that gave up vaping and also state their psychological wellness enhanced because of this. ” Subscribe to NBC News: ” Watch extra NBC video clip: NBC News Digital is a collection of cutting-edge and also effective information brand names that provide engaging, varied and also appealing newspaper article. NBC News Digital includes NBCNews com,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and also the existing applications and also electronic expansions of these particular residential properties. We provide the most effective in damaging information, real-time video clip protection, initial journalism and also sectors from your preferred NBCNews Shows Connect with NBC News Online! NBC News App: Breaking News Alerts: Visit NBCNewsCom: Find NBC News on Facebook: Follow NBC News on Twitter: #Vaping #Vape #Anxiety

19 thoughts on “Former Vapers Explain Why Quitting Improved Their Mental Health”

  1. I smoked cigarettes most of my life and switched to vaping 10 years ago. I quit just under a year ago as my blood pressure was dangerously high. Within a few months of quitting my blood pressure was almost at normal levels, my doctor told me that nicotine pushes up blood pressure and restricts the small blood vessels. I always suffered with cold feet and hands and since quitting I don’t suffer from this anymore. I am now free from these douch flutes and I feel so much better for it. I just wish I’d have quit sooner as my withdrawals only lasted a week.

    1. Hey dude, I’ve been vaping for about 3 years and I can tell you, I quit cold turkey like 5 days ago. It’s the best decision I ever made. It is hard, but every day I watch videos about quitting smoking/vaping, and loads of educational videos about vaping. I literally watch biology videos dissecting lungs and shows how vape affects the body. It really helps put me off of it.

      I was severely depressed, high anxiety etc. As soon as I quit, those things didn’t go away, but day 5 I already feel more motivation to do things, my lungs feel like they hold more air, and I feel like my head is in general more clear.

      I would seriously suggest quitting vaping. The benefits are astounding, and it is not as hard as people think. The first 72 hours are always the hardest, as that is when nicotine is leaving the body, the receptors in your brain go crazy.

      If you can last the 72 hours, it’s most likely you will completely quit.

      Good luck dude!!

  2. been vaping for a little over a year now and i’m about 14 hours in to quitting. definitely not feeling great but i’m so ready for this feeling to pass. for anybody who gets more than a day into quitting DO NOT HIT A VAPE YOU WILL FEEL SO SICK. i was 2 days into quitting a few weeks ago and went to buy a new one, and i felt so nauseous and dissociated after i hit it. it’s not even a relief, that feeling was worse than the cravings themselves. i’ll update how i’m doing later on 🙂

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