Dr. K’s Guide To Mental Health!



Check out Dr. K’s Guide to Mental Health: https://bit.ly/3GaubzI Included free with Healthy Gamer Coaching, be taught extra: https://bit.ly/3WzcNdl Dr. Ok’s Guide to Mental Health explores complete approaches to Anxiety, Depression, Meditation, and ADHD. Inspired by Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid, Dr. Ok designed a choose-your-own-adventure studying expertise in an effort to take management of your psychological wellness. Includes: 150+ video chapters written and taught by Dr. Ok 20+ years of information distilled into actionable steps Additional assets like sensible worksheets, notes, citations, and dialogue boards

17 thoughts on “Dr. K’s Guide To Mental Health!”

  1. Love Healthy Gamer and been watching your content for over a year now and it’s helped me immensely.

    That said, the style of this video feels like a big departure from the tone I’m used to in your content, sth. about it feels like “just another self-help money printing machine” and not the sincere tone of “we’re trying to make a difference in this world by educating y’all” and I fear this might be a turn off for a lot of people who don’t know what you do yet and who could really benefit from your content. Though that’s my personal impression of the video, but I wanted to give feedback on it.

  2. Oh I wish so much I could buy this. I love to learn about the brain even though I cant study that because that wont get me a 100% guaranteed job. I love learning from your videos as well as other creators here on youtube since I just love these topics to help myself and just for the sake of learning how the brain works. But I just cant buy it. My country is a mess and we couldnt even pay for presents this Christmas. I hope I can get the hang of it with your regular videos still

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