Did The Health Secretary Lie About A&E Services At A Hospital?



Steve Barclay the Health Secretary checked out the Stamford Hospital today where he praised the group there on minimizing rescue handover hold-ups. But there is an issue keeping that …

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14 thoughts on “Did The Health Secretary Lie About A&E Services At A Hospital?”

  1. As a statutory social care worker I can assure you the gridlock in hospital has LITTLE TO DO WITH SOCIAL CARE PROVISION! Indeed, the drive to discharge is causing numerous unsafe discharges and medical crisis for yes, an overstretched community system to deal with it! He is probably standing outside an intermediate step down service, but due to his clear lack of understanding of how the system works (and has been working for some years) he is unable to communicate himself clearly!!! Despicable indifference on display because despite such step down services our a&e department are gridlocked! Why? Perhaps too many a&e departments have been closed and inpatient beds cut over the period of tory rule!!! Why is this simple fact not discussed??

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