Comedian gets SERIOUS with VITAL message on mental health


Jamie Kilstein makes jokes for a living. But in this clip, the comedian joins Glenn to discuss a serious topic that MUST be addressed, especially during the holiday season: mental health. He and Glenn discuss suicide, both of their personal experiences with it, and an important message for those who may currently be battling their own inner demons: ‘You’re so much more special than you think you are.’ ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck: ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

15 thoughts on “Comedian gets SERIOUS with VITAL message on mental health”

  1. I have experienced 3 suicides in my lifetime and I’m here to tell you, no one is better off after someone takes their own life. I was 16 when my dad took his life, my daughter was 15 when her dad took his life, and she was 30 when her uncle took his life.
    My eyes stay focused on Jesus and I do not consider my own life but the lives of those around me and my worth comes from encouraging and helping others…
    I know it sounds callous but when you are the center of your world, it leaves you empty.

  2. if you think life is way too difficult to live now ? wait till the nuke war, and famine, then a fiery mountain cast in the sea, the 4 angels loosed from the dried up eufrates river to kill 1/3 of mankind. AND KAMALA LEGALIZES CANNABALISM. i see for 2023 they will hand out free fentanyl pills. there will be termination stations at every hospital triage. fire department and police station. a fentanyl station.. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRUST JESUS FOR DAILY PROTECTION AND ARMOUR AND HOPE. HELP US JESUS AMEN

  3. Suicide is murder. There is a penalty beyond that which mankind can administer, for an act of murder; whether that murder be of another human, or oneself. Society tends to feel sorry for those who commit suicide, and empathy for those who are related to those who commit suicide. Most of this sorrow, and empathy after ones death is inurned through various media outlets. From cartoons, to movies, and most recently music videos. To make long of the short. Suicide is encouraged through those various media outlets. The first step is to make a child, or older person feel isolated; as though they are the only one going through what ever problem they are dealing with. Of course, to have a problem that problem has to be promoted as a problem. The “Hollywood” machine, is really proficient at creating problems out of nothing; through cartoons, movies, and music videos. The constant barrage that the world is coming to an end, a great asteroid is going to smack into the earth, you are a victim of sexism, racism, etc., the list is almost endless. Point blank. Satan wants your soul, and the souls of your children. To kill oneself is no different than killing another. And the cherry on top is when those Satanists behind the promotion of suicide, call those who kill themselves “Victims of Suicide” as if another is to blame; for in order to have a victim, you have to have a victimizer. There’s more. However, I think you get the picture. In closing: Romeo and Juliet. That’s how for back the Satanists have been publicly promoting the glorification of suicide.

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