Chinese Master: “Your Big Toe Tells a whole lot About Your Health”

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15 thoughts on “Chinese Master: “Your Big Toe Tells a whole lot About Your Health””

  1. even if you don’t believe in reflexology, it is related to self care which there are many methods. I am willing to try anything if suffering (Easter or Western methods). I used to take a bath everyday due to arthritis but it gave me other benefits (relaxation, etc.). But I have trouble getting up/down on floor now, so I stopped taking baths. So my feet weren’t getting proper care with only taking a shower, but I don’t like the foot bath pans. So I bought a Shower Bath tub wood bench stool, now I can sit in the shower for long periods, and I got a luffa sponge that is on a long wooden handle, so I can now rub on feet and lower legs, it really had made a big difference in my overall feeling better, sleeping better. I also have anxiety and insomnia, so if I am too wired up but need to rest, I sleep in a reclining chair (there are many kinds), but I prefer a zero gravity reclining lawn chair that i added memory foam padding/neck pillow/micro fiber blanket, the chair and foam padding cost me less then $80, and when I am not using it, I can just fold it up and put in closet or corner, so it isn’t taking up a lot of space like a standard recliner.

  2. “Areas on the feet correspond to areas in the body.The big toe corresponds to the head…”
    Sounds logical. Please document the statements with sources. Who says that “areas of the feet correspond to areas in the body?” Who has proven the big toe corresponds to the head?”
    Until I’m satisfied that these claims are proven MEDICAL FACTS I cannot accept this presentation as anything but “interesting” and/or “entertaining.”

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