China’s health service under pressure as Covid infections surge – BBC News


China is dealing with a new wave of coronavirus infections, following the country’s removal of its strict zero-Covid rules. Omicron is spreading rapidly and the health service is under strain, with reports of overcrowding in hospitals and retired medical staff returning to work. But establishing how big the outbreak is not easy, and there is scepticism about figures released by the authorities. Mass testing in the country has stopped, and only 16 Covid deaths have been recorded in China in the past month. Please subscribe HERE #China #BBCNews

18 thoughts on “China’s health service under pressure as Covid infections surge – BBC News”

  1. If they start talking about it again it only means that it will hit us all over the world again. This time they will say is a stronger mutation and even more deadly. Ladies and gentlemen this is not over but only beginning of madness mass extinction on human race. We are living in extremely interesting times. Progressing stupidity of humans vs rising super IA. Who will be the winner? Only and only super rich elites. Remaining survivors will serve without hesitation. Good luck and remember that this is not your only life but just another stop in long long journey.

  2. But cost of living in China is low and it is safe for a woman to walk or jog at night in the streets.

    On the other hand , There are millions of homeless in US. In UK, people need eat cheap pet food to survive. People in London said stabbing happened daily and media do not bother to report it anymore. Pretty South African ladies with Euro descent would rather live in China long term and raise children instead of going back to South Africa as law is too lenient there and she is worried criminals appear in her bathroom suddenly at midnight.

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