Being A You Bulb RUINED My Health


A PantslessPajamas video clip in 2023? Who woulda believed? Not me. Lol

Thank you every person for your boundless persistence with me as I pass through the strange trip that is You Tube as well as I wish that with this video clip, you can obtain a much better understanding of viewpoint so far. With the reality exposed, I wish my experience on the system can be enjoyable, healthy and balanced, as well as rewarding!

I like you Bedheads, remain secure!



Rhude Rhino (They voice Pillbug in my various other video clips!).
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KRUGSTON (They voice Blankie in my various other video clips!).
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Myuu – Tension Nonstop

Produced by: Myuu

Andrew Huang|Accordion

Produced by: Andrew Huang

Phoenix Wright OSTs.
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All OST – Eccentric

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST – Turnabout Sisters Ballad

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST – Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters Theme 2001.

Owned byCapcom

Fire Green Screen


Bail Bonds|I Feel It All So Deeply

Produced by:Bail Bonds

I do not insurance claim or possess any one of these tracks, any one of the songs I make use of is either cost-free to make use of for money making from the You Tube Audio Library without licensing called for OR I modify the tune sufficient that it should, with any luck, autumn under reasonable usage. However, any type of tune that does call for licensing/permission was obtained lawfully as well as spent for.


If you review the summary as well as see this, consist of “PJ is gon na ROCK 2023” as well as puzzle all the peeps that really did not review the summary. You are not them, you are poggers. Muah.

21 thoughts on “Being A You Bulb RUINED My Health”

  1. EDIT 1: I’m so shocked no one else but one person pointed out that I accidentally used silver lining as a negative meaning instead of positive LOL It was an error from a version of the script I wasnt supposed to read but my tooth hurt too much to rerecord my mistake. HOW DID MORE PEOPLE NOT CATCH THAT THO??

    Hope y’all watched to the very last second, cause that ending is top tier in MY opinion.

    But HUGE thanks for sticking around and watching. I promise I will get my art quality back to normal with the rest of my uploads this year, I just needed something that would be a lot easier on me physically as my body is still recovering and I don’t feel the best.
    If you wanna help the process along, do support me on Kofi. The money will go towards medical expenses and paying off a team so that my body doesn’t ache so bad. lol
    Even if you can’t support through Kofi though, just know that you watching my content is making all the difference in my life. So remember to like, comment, subscribe, and PUNCH that bell button so you guys can get notified and not miss out on content. Because I really want this to be the year I put out all my BANGERS and I don’t want y’all to miss a single one!

    Thanks again bedheads and let’s make 2023 a good year!

  2. Ik this’ll probably get lost in the sea of comments but I still wanted to say that I really hope you’re able to find a way to manage this the best, whether it’s at the cost of content timing or not, we understand and really want the best for you. You’re really entertaining and one of the only storytime animators that make me laugh constantly throughout your vids. Please be careful.

    Also that tooth joke at the end caught me off guard 😆

  3. I’m really proud of you! Despite all the stuff you have to deal with, you are still pushing through and while you might only be surviving right now, you want to continue to not only survive but to thrive, which is huge. Your content is already amazing, so I can’t wait to see what it’s like once things stabilises and your in a better place both mentally and physically

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