1:1 Choke For 2m and 6m

1:1 Choke For 2m as well as 6m

Recently, numerous of my articles have actually made use of house mixture chokes as well as baluns. I have actually been evaluating them on a number of various bands at 100w. Since they have actually been functioning good, I chose to begin uploading regarding them. Today, we will certainly review the 1:1 choke for 2m as well as 6m.

Four conductors are needed. For this task, 18 awg cable ranked at 600v was made use of. Usually, I utilize 2 shades, a light shade as well as dark shade. 4 shades are made use of in this message, so it is much easier to see each side of the 1:1 choke.

The toroid made use of, is a T130-0. Put the cable via the toroid as well as safeguard it with a plastic connection. I such as to have the dark shade left wing as well as the light shade on the right.

Wrap the cables around the toroid 6 times as well as safeguard completion with one more plastic connection. Get the cable as limited as feasible around the toroid. Keep the cable in cool covers as well as maintain both cable right beside each various other.

After the initial collection of cables is safeguarded, place the 2nd collection of cables with the light shade left wing as well as the dark shade on the right. Secure with a plastic connection.

Wrap the cables around the toroid 6 times. Secure completions with a plastic connection. Dress the cables as well as obtain them as cool as feasible.

Twist the light shades with each other as well as the dark shades with each other. The choke is currently prepared to be linked.

Pictured over is a 1:1 choke with a SO-239 as well as 2:1Balun


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